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Homebuyer Testimonial: The Baughman's

Homes by Taber Customer Testimonial

Homebuyer Testimonial: The Baughman's

May 6, 2020

Ryan: "My name is Ryan and this is my husband Travis and we live in the Ponderosa neighborhood. The thing that helped us the most with our decision was because of the Trade-Up Program that we went through to purchase the Taber home."

Ryan: "The process of buying the home or trading in our home for our new home and went really quick. We just fell in love with this one house and we decided we'll wait, and then she gave us a trade-up home offer and it just happened so quickly & we ended up closing like three weeks later."

Travis: "Really just because we were worried about getting our house ready to go on the market and the process of doing that before we started actually looking, but once we found out about the Trade Up Program, that kind of made it a lot easier and forced to go ahead and do it and because we didn't have to worry about getting our house ready to go because it was in pretty good shape and Mitch came in and checked it out and we went with it."

Ryan: "The process of moving, we had just had a baby, she was a newborn. We had three dogs, trying to get the house ready to put on the market just didn't fit our needs at the time."

Travis: "It was gonna be hard to do."

Ryan: "So being able to do minor fixes, that Taber requested and then it just went really easily." Homes by Taber Customer Testimonial

Ryan: "We did not use a realtor, we worked directly with Stephanie our salesperson, and very helpful. She was texting us early morning, late at night helping us make our decision. She comes in checks on us and sends a text message or something and they were showing houses down the street from us and we were outside and she stopped and was talking to us and it was like, "Oh, how's the house?" and checking on things and everything.  She probably hands-down made everything like the best experience."

Travis: "We shopped online and just kind of driving around looking to see what's out there.  We don't even know how many different homes, but we just really liked the way that Taber homes were built. All the features they had just really stood out to us. We actually saw a different neighborhood first and then before we found this one and we saw there were Taber homes here. So we started looking in this area because it fit what we wanted to do."

Ryan: "There are so many models and it was fun looking at all the different ones. Going up the stairs and down the stairs and checking out all the rooms and all the different things that they offer in all the different houses is really neat to see for me. I didn't realize it was so easy!  The process here at Taber, I don't even know how to describe it." 

Travis: " It was a lot easier than I expected it to be. Yeah, it was pretty simple." 

Ryan: "I had a hard time leaving the old neighborhood because it was my first house. I've been there for almost 10 years and wonderful neighbors and I was emotionally attached and so moving was gonna be hard."

Travis: "It made it a lot easier"

Ryan: "I really like the layout. I like the openness. I like the amount of rooms. I like, the double ovens were hands down my favorite thing. I will share them and show them to anybody who goes into my home. The big sink is really handy. I didn't know I would need a sink that big. I really love our shower and the showerhead and being able to walk in, and it's easy to clean and that's probably one of my favorites too."

Travis: "I do like the smart closet. Everything being there is kind of I thought was cool but it really kind of helps de-clutter everything. It's all in one spot."

Travis: "The warranty department's been great. We haven't really had any big trouble, but anytime we've had like little things that we needed to ask about, they're really prompt for getting right back to us & getting people out to check out whatever we need and getting it fixed and taken care of.  It's been really great."

Ryan: "I would definitely recommend Homes by Taber to anybody.  Family or friends or strangers. Everybody needs to know about them, and recommend the Trade Up Program to friends and family. It made things so easy and the home buying process is so stressful and overwhelming and everything just fell into place."


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