Homebuyer Testimonial: Stewart & April Jones

Homes by Taber Testimonial

Homebuyer Testimonial: Stewart & April Jones

October 22, 2020

Welcome to the Taberhood, Jones family! April and Stewart found their new home in the Piedmont community, Ponderosa Estates. Learn about their home buying experience Homes by Taber and their thoughts about the process.

April: "I love the way that everything came together. It was exactly what I was hoping it would be. The build, the plans everything was well organized. We live in Ponderosa." 

Stewart: "We decided to build, that way we could you know, customize it. It was the whole culmination of different factors. Out of every community, it was just the best for what we're looking for."

Homes by Taber Testimonial April: "My favorite thing has to be the porch. The back patio on the Shiloh, is the best patio. It faces East in the morning and so it's beautiful to sit that sit out there and watch the sunrise. Then it's nice and cool in the evening."

Stewart: "I love the walk-in shower. The fireplace having the mantel, extended all the way to the ceiling. And the tall ceilings is cool. Just the openness. So for social things, everyone can communicate and be together. So for us, the openness was just great."Homes by Taber Testimonial


Our Happy Homeowners

An absolutely fabulous home, fantastic housing addition and wonderful staff. We highly recommend that anyone looking for a well built, high quality, energy efficient, thoughtfully planned out home seriously consider looking at Homes by Taber and any of their well located additions.

Terry Enouen

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