Homebuyer Testimonial: Rick & Becky Goodson

Homes by Taber Testimonial

Homebuyer Testimonial: Rick & Becky Goodson

June 19, 2020

Rick; " We watched the house from the time that they scraped the property and made it flat to every step of the way. I guess, when you walked into the kitchen when it was done was probably her biggest thrill."

Becky: "Absolutely, it was love."Homes by Taber Testimonial

 Rick: "I'm Rick Goodson."

Becky: "I'm his wife Becky Goodson."

Rick: " live at Delmer Lakes and Edmond Oklahoma."

Becky: "The lot was what we wanted most."

Rick: " And then the salesperson that helped us, she took us through every step. Every question we had, she had an answer for or would find an answer. It was easy."

Becky: "I love the kitchen."

Rick: "That fireplace, you turn it on every night."

Becky: "Yeah, the fireplace, that has been really nice just to be able to flip a switch and yeah I do use that every day."

Rick: "I got an oversized garage. I've got an oversized patio, that's right there in the backyard I could throw a fishing rod into the lake from the back porch. That's what I like.  I'm gonna have no problem at all, recommending Taber. "


Our Happy Homeowners

Taber's team has taken great care of us from start to finish. At the end of our warranty period, the Taber team handled any final needs thoroughly and went above and beyond to make sure all work was completed at the highest quality standard.Thanks to the Taber team for all the work they've performed in the year we've owned our home. We'd definitely buy with Taber again.

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