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Customer Testimonial: Tony & Hanh Campe

Homes by Taber Testimonial

Customer Testimonial: Tony & Hanh Campe

October 14, 2020

Homes by Taber Testimonial Tony: "This is our second home that we had purchased. So for us, it was actually extremely easy. I just kind of asked some questions. We drove away. Took our time. It wasn't like a high pressure type thing and from start to finish it was much easier than the first time I did it."

Tony: "We had been looking at homes for a while & we intended on waiting about another year. Just kind of looking through, seeing the model home with all the additional features. It already a garage that was taken care. It had heat and air in there.  We had the fencing done. It was just the right move for us. Drove around the neighborhood & we saw it had a pool and a playground. I saw a lot of kids playing around. A very friendly neighborhood." 

Hanh: "My favorite feature is, you know, just the bright windows and just how well everything was decorated with the cabinets and the quartz countertops. I really liked those."

Tony: "The garage with the heat and air, I mean I ever really thought I'd have that. I've got my ping pong table & dartboard. Cooled down the house right now. Over the winter, just turn the heat on. It's just been great. So that's my favorite feature."

Tony: "We've had a couple friends moving, buy some Taber homes. I got to see it a lot. I used to work home theater installs and got to see a couple of their houses and I just think it's well built you get a lot of features."


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