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Customer Testimonial: Paul Heffley

Homes by Taber Testimonial

Customer Testimonial: Paul Heffley

October 22, 2020

Paul: "I like the fact that it's pretty much everything that you would ever want, is already built into the home and you just kind of walk in and there you go."

Pauk: "I'm Paul and I live in Castlebrook crossing it was mostly move-in ready it was almost completed when we purchased it it's probably been one of the best buying experiences i've had for a new home one of the things i was really impressed with is that all the documentation that was provided after the fact once we closed we you know provided a folder an online folder that had pretty much everything that we would need to know just something as simple as the warranties for the heating and air unit and the tankless hot water heater we were provided with emails with exactly you know how to to register for the extended warranties of those things which was really cool i still remember you know walking into the house that we ended up purchasing and one of the neat little touches that has the the speakeasy door is just a little window that pops open and up it's pretty small you wouldn't think that would sell a house but for some reason that kind of stuck with me and so color combination of the house and how the outside appearance was you know i really like the craftsman style that really kind of just all fit for us so it works well for our for our space and our needs

Homes by Taber Testimonial


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Just finished an inspection with darling couple buying a Homes by Taber home. What other builder encourages a 3rd party inspection? Not any I can think of. The inspector was impressed by so many details, from the quality of the paint to the proper installation of the gas stove. It is such a pleasure to see how Taber Leblanc and his company have evolved through the years...always improving on their ...

Carolyn Sims

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