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Customer Testimonial: Keven & June Stone

Homes by Taber Testimonial

Customer Testimonial: Keven & June Stone

October 22, 2020

June: "Instantly, I fell in love with it. Like you walk into this house and you're just like, "Man, it's so like bright and clean." And you think "Man, this is what you want your house to look like." 

Keven: "I'm Keven Stone."

June: "I'm June Stone."

Keven: "We wanted to pick everything, I think."

June: "Yeah, I wanted to let that creative vibe out for myself because I knew. I was like, well if we're going to be here, if we're going to choose a house that we're going to be in for the next 40 so years, and we wanted to be in this area, I said "Well, we might just make sure we have everything that we want." It's so bright in our house. Like it's crazy how bright. I added extra windows in the bedroom."

Homes by Taber Testimonial

Keven: "The coffered ceiling really adds, for me, a ton of character to it. Rather than just a flat ceiling. You know because the room is so big, it was well worth it."

June: "No other builder had would allow us to customize like Taber did.  Plus everything that came with it to begin with.  The jetted tub. I mean, come on, a jetted tub? Like yeah! I would tell my friends, "Like hey, so there's there's a lot that's right next to ours." 

Keven: "If you're looking to buy or upgrade, come into our neighborhood."

June: "There's lots of neighborhoods. I told a few people that."Homes by Taber Testimonial


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Homes by Taber has not only built a great home, their Warranty Department has done an outstanding job with being Informative, helpful, and being nice!! I’m so glad my family and I choose a Homes by Taber!!

Krysta Rains

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