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Customer Testimonial: Blane & Laurent Zenoni

Homes by Taber Testimonial

Customer Testimonial: Blane & Laurent Zenoni

October 14, 2020

Homes by Taber Testimonial Laurent: "On Saturdays we'd go get coffee and go out and walk through it and something else had changed. So I think that was the most fun of it all, is seeing it all come together starting from the ground up."

Blane: " I'm Blane" 

Laurent: "I'm Laurent" 

Blane: "We like the location, it's not too far from 74. both of us take 74 to get to work and we also kind of liked how it's a little bit more rural out there, um not as much city. So I grew up in the city she's from the country. So I think it's kind of a good little mixture of in the middle. "

Laurent: "yeah we worked with Great Plains and so they worked really well with us and it was a pretty quick process giving them all the paperwork and stuff. It was super easy. My favorite thing is probably the outdoor patio. It's a really nice place for entertaining. We've had family come down and that's the first place we go when we want to hang out. It's got the fireplace and we have a fan and um we're soon going to have a tv out there. So it'll be nice entertaining. Then obviously, the huge closets. I mean I've taken up most of our closet space. So that's been nice. Those are probably two of my most favorite things."

Blane: "I like the big open floor plan. We did the Hazel, which has the caddy cornered fireplace. it's definitely opened up that space, to where you don't seem as compressed. Sometime, I've seen in some other homes ,where it's just not as big of a living center. So it's really nice how it's opened up."

Laurent: " I would recommend them and I know anyone that's come to our house and visited, has loved it all."


Our Happy Homeowners

We LOVE our new house built by Taber !!! I can’t say enough good things about the Taber team. Kevin , sales rep Hidden Prairie, was fantastic and very easy to work with. The design team, if you are building custom, made it so much fun !! And the Warranty Dept is top notch, everything was great !!! Thank you Taber - The Shults Family

Cindy Shults

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