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Buying a new home or a resale? Consider the bottom-line value.

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Buying a new home or a resale? Consider the bottom-line value.

June 19, 2018

Is there a new home in your not-too-distant future? Will it be absolutely from-the-ground-up new or just new to you? Are you leaning toward buying a new home or a resale? Consider the bottom-line value by weighing the pros and cons before you narrow your vision.

Your home is a large investment and, since no one enjoys moving, you’ll probably settle into your next living space for at least a few years. The decision you make now could either be one that you thank yourself for in the years ahead, OR you’ll experience buyer’s remorse that haunts you until the day you move again. 

What do you need to factor into your choice? Homes By Taber has some advice for you.

Purchase price is only the start. 

You might think that the lower price of a resale home means you’re getting a better deal. In truth, it means simply that you’re paying less to acquire a house. The “total cost of ownership” presents a more accurate measure of what you’re paying for your home. 

Do you need to remodel in order to make the home fit you? If you’re going to renovate any rooms—update the kitchen and baths, for example—you’re probably adding a five-figure expense to your cost. How old is the roof? If the home is more than 15 years old, add in the expense to replace it in the new few years (at a cost of about $17,000 or more, depending on the size and type of roof). A furnace averages about 15 to 20 years; an air conditioning unit, 10 to 15 years; and a water heater, 8 to 12 years. 

Maybe you want to redo the floors, change the appliances, or paint the walls. There are costs involved in every change. Your investment in upgrading your home starts at a few thousand dollars and keeps going. 

On the other hand, you could buy a new construction home that is built according to your exact preferences—from the design and layout to the style of the interior doors, the countertops, the lighting, plumbing, wall colors, and flooring. You even choose the hardware on the cabinets and the door knobs, the tile for your backsplash and shower and tub surround, too. You don’t need to compromise and “live with” what’s there until you get around to making the changes to make the home your own. With a new construction home, you take ownership and the keys to your home. You move in. There are no fix-ups, no cosmetic changes, no worries about replacing anything for years to come. It’s brand new and covered by the builder’s warranty.

Eco-friendly homes are greener than ever.

The technology behind home building—including the processes and materials—has continued to evolve. Thermal windows and doors, insulation, house wrap, and radiant barrier roof sheathing provide more protection than ever. Low-flow plumbing fixtures offer water conservation without reducing water pressure. 

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) is an industry standard that reflects the energy efficiency of a home. The lower the score, the higher the efficiency. The score’s measure is compared to a new construction home and a resale home, evaluating all of the following: 

  • All exterior walls, above and below grade
  • Floors over unconditioned spaces (not heated or cooled, like the garage and basement)
  • Ceilings and roofs
  • Attics, foundations, and crawlspaces
  • Windows, doors, vents, and ductwork
  • HVAC and water heating systems, and thermostat

A typical resale home (one that is more than a few years old) is rated 130 on the HERS scale. A standard new home is rated 100, which means it is 30% more energy-efficient than the resale. Right off the bat, a resale is going to cost you more in energy usage.

Any home can be evaluated by an authorized HERS rater, and it’s a good idea to know a home’s score before purchasing. As a certified ENERGY SMART builder, Homes By Taber invests in having every new home inspected and HERS-certified. Our goal is to present the maximum energy efficiency for our home buyers, which delivers long-term value as well as a healthy environment with superior indoor air quality and ventilation. Our Hummingbird floor plan has a HERS index ratio of 47. This number indicates that not only is the home 53% more efficient than other new homes being built today, but it’s also 83% more energy efficient than a typical resale home. 83%! Think about how that translates to your annual energy costs! With a 47 HERS rating, the Hummingbird will save you about $1,490 per year as compared to a resale home. If you own the home for seven years—about the average—then this particular home costs $10,430 less than the existing home you’re considering.

Homes By Taber installs a 16 SEER air conditioning unit, even though a 14 SEER meets the minimum requirement. We mastic all of the ducts to prevent leakage. A 96% efficient furnace and tankless water heater are standard features in every home, contributing to the low HERS score we achieve. 

For your next home, do you want something that is truly move-in ready and energy-efficient? If so, you should be looking at a new construction home. Add up the cost savings, time savings, and the peace of mind that comes with a warrantied home, and a new home delivers more advantages to today’s home buyer than a resale.

Browse our gallery of new home communities and floor plans, and contact us to see what the right new home can do for you. 

About Homes By Taber

Homes By Taber, a new home builder in the Oklahoma City area, offers new homes starting at 1,500 square feet of indoor living space and going up to 2,800 square feet of indoor living space. Prices for these new single-family homes start below $200,000 and go up to the mid $300,000 range. Homes By Taber was founded in 2000 by Taber LeBlanc. They currently build in 18 different locations around the OKC metropolitan area.


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Have lived in my Homes by Taber home for 6 months now. Everything has been great. The warranty group has addressed any issue with my house and surrounding areas while in the construction phase in a very timely manner. They made my first home purchase one that I still enjoy and get compliments on the design and appearance all the time.

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